Vidzeme Entrepreneurship center

Address: Purva street 12a, B hull,, Valmiera, LV – 4201

Ineta Tauriņa, Head of Vidzeme Entrepreneurship center,, +371 26382820
Zane Pīpkalēja, Entrepreneurship specialist,, +371 29212567

E-mail for additional information:


Vidzeme Entrepreneurship centre (VEC) provides coordinated support for business development in the region. Offers include advice on starting a business for beginners and advice on available support tools for existing entrepreneurs. VEC also organize and participate in business-promoting events in the entire territory of Vidzeme planning region. VEC has created an investment platform, which ensures the operation of the investment database in the territory of Vidzeme Planning region, as well as publishes information binding on entrepreneurs on the website

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